Accountants for Environmental Reporting

Dollar is green and so should be the environment. Accountants seem to have struck upon the idea of recent and James Cowper firm’s newly created specialist team is on the verge of advising businesses to work upon a green economy.

It all took place since James Cowper is a long-time player in the environmental sector and has a strong and proven track record. According to them, the quests for a better environment must become a greater focus now for all mainstream businesses; it’s the scrutinizing procedures that also stay responsible for establishing healthy environmental practices. And James Cowper, with its expertise in several sectors (e.g. technology, corporate finance, agriculture etc.) is ready to advise their clients to bring them maximum benefits.

As per their experiences with all AIM listed businesses in search of innovative energy-related technologies to reassess municipal waste streams, the firm said – ‘Opportunities abound for organizations willing to embrace change and prepared to anticipate and exploit new legislative parameters’. The firm is sure about the green economy to create benefits that are sustainable though costs remain less with a greater assurance for increased profits. However, at the heart of things, it’s an integrated approach that’s pumping in the necessary lifeblood.

Green Team for Accountants

The Green Team created for performing environmental accounting boasts of an auditing standard complying with ISO 14000 and ready to provide the general principles of environmental auditing. Additionally, they are also to put forth the guidelines for EMSs (environmental management systems) auditing as well as setting up the qualification criteria for anyone willing to become an environmental auditor. With specific knowledge on environmental operations and relevant experiences on regulations and technologies, this critical component forms an effective EMS, to be run regularly for measuring any conformance to the policies regarding preserving the environment.