Accountants for Environmental Reporting

Dollar is green and so should be the environment. Accountants seem to have struck upon the idea of recent and James Cowper firm’s newly created specialist team is on the verge of advising businesses to work upon a green economy.

It all took place since James Cowper is a long-time player in the environmental sector and has a strong and proven track record. According to them, the quests for a better environment must become a greater focus now for all mainstream businesses; it’s the scrutinizing procedures that also stay responsible for establishing healthy environmental practices. And James Cowper, with its expertise in several sectors (e.g. technology, corporate finance, agriculture etc.) is ready to advise their clients to bring them maximum benefits.

As per their experiences with all AIM listed businesses in search of innovative energy-related technologies to reassess municipal waste streams, the firm said – ‘Opportunities abound for organizations willing to embrace change and prepared to anticipate and exploit new legislative parameters’. The firm is sure about the green economy to create benefits that are sustainable though costs remain less with a greater assurance for increased profits. However, at the heart of things, it’s an integrated approach that’s pumping in the necessary lifeblood.

Green Team for Accountants

The Green Team created for performing environmental accounting boasts of an auditing standard complying with ISO 14000 and ready to provide the general principles of environmental auditing. Additionally, they are also to put forth the guidelines for EMSs (environmental management systems) auditing as well as setting up the qualification criteria for anyone willing to become an environmental auditor. With specific knowledge on environmental operations and relevant experiences on regulations and technologies, this critical component forms an effective EMS, to be run regularly for measuring any conformance to the policies regarding preserving the environment.


Corporate Accountants Flourish

According to a report by the Conference Board the most common way of handling third pary corporate ethics & compliances issues is to follow a code of conduct and practice that governs the way in which the third party is handled by the company’s own employees.

The measure also made companies who outsource Accounting services to CPA and Accountants adopt to procedures resulting in flourishing ethical cultures and developed audit committee charters, besides influencing various control procedures and processes used by the companies for issuing information to all those who are interested and not directly linked to the company.

To bring maximum effectiveness to their new roles, the business accounting services members got started on becoming less timid; just performing a service function is no more the only answer, now it is all about reporting on and protecting the assets of public shareholders as well.

  • Accountants gets a fat pay hike

In return, the business accounting services firms’ members have received a pay hike between 10 percent and 25 percent and the names include such top shots as Deloitte & Touche, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PWC. Though a shortage in the numbers of experienced, efficient accountants is a cause as well, but mid-level audit professionals, famous for giving the corporations the proverbial greatest bang for their buck seems to be a stronger point.

But is this a golden handcuff introduced to back up an increased demand for auditors, corporate accountants and the management accountants? In that case, the situation resembles the Y2K crisis; high-tech proficiency attracted big bucks then. And this could be the beginning of a storm that is just gathering up now; in that case, the institutions shall be pouring out more and more of corporate and management accountants for the established business accounting services providers even then when many shall be found jobless. But trends take time to die; let’s prepare for the Y2K of accounting.

Accounting firms – The best place to be

In an era when businesses have earned the title of global on their own virtue, it’s the practice of outsourcing that has made a number of them soar sky high. It’s the internal processes of organizations that has brought about the chances to most of the accounting firms to extend their services on a world-wide basis; accounting services providers, keen upon easing up their customers’ concerns form today the base of outsourcing all the core functions related to an organization’s financial domain.

However, no business is a business if it lacks the required manpower. But statistics claim that certain businesses, comparatively newer, are in a dearth of skilled people who can handle the tasks efficiently. Outsourced accounting services are such a field, the huge deficiency of talents being the good news.

The scene in the offshore market is still better (or worse; it depends from whose perspective you are looking into it); irrespective of the place being Asia or Europe, fact remains that the majority of the top accounting firms are failing or barely becoming successful in meeting the demand for professionals in the financial domain.

Among the top accounting firms that people consider the best places for launching a career, it is Deloitte & Touché, Ernst & Young and Pricewaterhouse Coopers that rule the roost. The shortage in accounting services (talent-wise) is thus making the job market look good for accounting services professionals. Those who are proficient may take this as one of those lasting trends, but then again, it depends on what accounting services you specialize.

10 top accounting firms in US






New York, NY



New York, NY


Ernst & Young

New York, NY



New York, NY


Grant Thornton

Chicago, IL


Moss Adams

Seattle, WA


BDO Seidman

Chicago, IL


McGladrey & Pullen/RSM McGladrey

Bloomington, MN


Plante & Moran

Southfield, MI


Crowe Chizek and Company

South Bend, IN

List of Ten top accounting firms in US

Top Accounting firms in the US

Top accounting forms in USASo this time, we are talking the language of business. It’s a term coined by the best accountants all over the world and the reason behind is the capability of accountancy to provide critical information on business activities. However, if it’s a language, then there must be the ones who create sagas out of it and also them without the minutest knowledge of the mere vowels and consonants. And to create an epic, your business needs the ones to whom pleasures are measured by every twists and turns of the language. Enter the top accounting firms of the US who take the profession to an expanded level.

  • Latest happenings in the accounting world

If we are to speak on the subject then let’s divide the accounting world into two different paradigms – accounting firms in US and accounting companies across the globe. Among these, the names of the top accounting firms in US are taken with as much respect as it applies to the best accountants internationally; both exhibit a much higher level of expertise than the usual practitioners in this particular discipline. of communicating financial activities. This proves why most of the firms worldwide accounting globally stay hell-bent on planning tax structures to show U.S. & foreign taxes in the downgrade-light and while encouraging corporations to take the full advantage of every possible tax benefits, make the most out of every business activity ranging from export operations to financial communications.

  • Find top accounting firms

Whether to stop being a victim or not in the hands of the lesser-known accounting firms depends upon the individual mindset, but since human nature is to seek rectification and betterment, it’s obvious that a business house shall seek the best accountants if the past mistakes are to be taken care of. That applies not only to the businesses in the U.S. but in any country; with the practice of international accounting becoming a popular phenomenon, the list of top accounting firms in the U.S. has geared up with additional services formerly unthought. These are:

§ Advanced agreements regarding pricing.

§ Analysis of foreign earnings and profits.

§ Strategies practiced by foreign companies.

§ Studying transfer pricing and international tax compliance.

§ Restructuring of Corporate organizations for U.S.-based operations.

§ Domestic international sales corporation analysis, just to name a few.

But that’s not all that keep the top accounting firms in the U.S. into business; it’s there high levels of specialization and strong teamwork that makes them reach the desired goals and unless you speak benefits for the transnational clients, no CPA or Masters of Taxation degree is going to suffice. The top accounting firms in US possess all these characteristics and in case you want the service from one of them, browse through the list of accounting firms containing the top names at Respond. You can’t go wrong with the choice of three million others.

Why it is advisable to hire a qualified accountant for getting bank finance?

Finance Management and Accountants

Often mistaken even by the most experienced people in finance and its related fields, financial management, no way is an area that can be managed solely by hiring an accounting expert. The jobs of creating payrolls or managing cash or keeping accounts of the collections are the duty of an accountant; for finance management, what one needs is the aid from an accountant who has undergone special trainings in the field of financial management.

An accounting expert trained that way is a great help when it comes to determining the risks that stay involved with lending, investment and similar practices; unless the ways are taught properly, how much ever experienced an accountant is, he can’t handle the credit-risk management procedures.

Now, let’s have a look at what an accounting expert trained in a professional way can do. Apart from managing and assessing the financial risks, he needs to estimate; monitor and review the overall performance of a bank. It applies more to business loans of huge amounts and a public accountant, without being trained, is not the right person to do the job. For, scrutinizing or analyzing a company’s portfolio requires certain skills, without which, crucial data can be missed out at the drop of an eyelid.

Banking rules and regulations related to loans

We all know it; banks issue loans under a high risk and it’s the defaulters who stay responsible; unless the bookkeepers of a bank undergo a professional training, they can’t assess these risks properly. The trainings also help in a proper understanding of the banking rules and regulations, which in turn, allows the accounting expert team to protect a loan’s (business loan or personal) solvency and then, in maintaining the overall economic stability of the banking and finance industry.

Now, if you require availing the help of reliable and qualified accountants, you must select them from a reliable source as well. That way, Respond can serve you the best; a visit to Respond can be your one-time-and-forever solution to all your bank finance related problems, the same way that made the three million others smile big. After all, won’t you like to see the mere numbers transformed to cold cash almost in a jiffy?

How to find a bookkeeping expert

Accountants, accounting service, accounting firms, local CPA, bookkeeping,

We can bet a million on the people visiting this page on how to find a bookkeeping expert; mostly, they are the ones searching for a step-by-step guide; the rest, are the ones who like to get spoon-fed. But then again, while most of the other such articles offer bare nothings in a most sensible format, we thought of providing the foods for thoughts that are not going to help you find only an appropriate bookkeeping expert, but also a whole plethora of accountants, accounting services, accounting firms and local CPA-s, who can do everything from calculating tax returns to running audits for both individuals and corporations.

The basic requirements towards finding a long-term solution are energy, patience and time. References work magic in these cases and there must be someone doing up the financial calculations for your best buddy or your brother-in-law. That way, things become easier, since it’s the reputation of the client of the accounting & bookkeeping service provider that also stays involved. You are bound to get a good bookkeeping service!

If the references come from business associates or someone you have come to know through business, the question of an interview rises first. It’s not an easy task handling finances and provide a top-notch service, but these two are the defining factors for any good accounting service. Interview him as a potential employee who shall be working from your set-up; if you think it shall put him into an awkward situation, think about the situation you shall land up in if your work misses out on a single, vital part. Stress should be given on the bookkeeping expert’s personality; questions should revolve around in the area of specific business-bookkeeping and notes are to be taken if the person appears nervous or hesitation while answering a question. It’s tough to get accountants fulfilling all three criteria, but the trial should be on.

Now, to the cost part. The problem is, those who know they are good in bookkeeping (it applies both on the individual accounting service providers as well as accounting firms) shall ask a price that often seems hefty to small businesses; if you want to settle for less an amount, you need to hire the mid- or low-shots (colloquially speaking) and stay satisfied with a medium to low level service. And in case the Bookkeeper turns out to be a CPA you can pretty well estimate the costs. Since a CPA is an accountant who has passed certain examinations and have met all other statutory and licensing requirements of a United States state to be certified by that state, he must cover up the cost by digging deep into your pocket. It’s thus better to go on an hourly basis with them. There’s an easy calculation that we can mention on this aspect:

Time required for the hirer to perform the same duties multiplied by the hirer’s income per hour. If that comes up to less than or equal to what the bookkeeping expert is asking for, then please go ahead; else, a visit to Respond shall make you join the three million plus horde whose balance sheets have started dazzling after choosing one from the roster. And that’s not all; if you are interested in anything that relates to bookkeeping even remotely, Respond can make you go the extra miles without burning the extra fuel.