Corporate Accountants Flourish

According to a report by the Conference Board the most common way of handling third pary corporate ethics & compliances issues is to follow a code of conduct and practice that governs the way in which the third party is handled by the company’s own employees.

The measure also made companies who outsource Accounting services to CPA and Accountants adopt to procedures resulting in flourishing ethical cultures and developed audit committee charters, besides influencing various control procedures and processes used by the companies for issuing information to all those who are interested and not directly linked to the company.

To bring maximum effectiveness to their new roles, the business accounting services members got started on becoming less timid; just performing a service function is no more the only answer, now it is all about reporting on and protecting the assets of public shareholders as well.

  • Accountants gets a fat pay hike

In return, the business accounting services firms’ members have received a pay hike between 10 percent and 25 percent and the names include such top shots as Deloitte & Touche, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PWC. Though a shortage in the numbers of experienced, efficient accountants is a cause as well, but mid-level audit professionals, famous for giving the corporations the proverbial greatest bang for their buck seems to be a stronger point.

But is this a golden handcuff introduced to back up an increased demand for auditors, corporate accountants and the management accountants? In that case, the situation resembles the Y2K crisis; high-tech proficiency attracted big bucks then. And this could be the beginning of a storm that is just gathering up now; in that case, the institutions shall be pouring out more and more of corporate and management accountants for the established business accounting services providers even then when many shall be found jobless. But trends take time to die; let’s prepare for the Y2K of accounting.


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