How to find an accounting firm ?

There are many criteria on which you can select an Accounting firm or a Bookkeeping Service provider. The volition depends on what type of service you are looking for like Accounts Management, Financial statements, Bookkeeping, Debt Management, business valuation, Tax preparation, payroll administration.

For simple business accounting or bookkeeping an accountant or a Bookkeeping expert would be perfect. If you are looking for a legal adviser or a corporate  accounting professional for business tax preparation and financial advises, then you need a Public accountant.

There are some states in US where it is mandatory to have a certified public accountant do your balance sheet preparation.

The big firms require to follow some guidelines in selecting an Accounting Service.

The General guidelines that will help you to find a CPA Expert or a Public Accountant are as follows :

1. Search for an Accountant who has passed the certified uniform certified public accountants (CPA) exam. it is a statutory certification for public accountants  in USA.

2. A CPA expert is the only authorized professional who is licensed for tax preparation, auditing and making of balance sheets.

3. Only an accountant who has passed the certified examination can use the designation of CPA for practising.

4. An Accounting service provider should be aware of the accounting conventions .

5. an accounting expert must have very sound knowledge  in the convention of disclosure  that is all material facts must be disclosed in the financial statements yearly.

Other than these factors one must look at the profile of an accountant a get a through credibility check done because do not forget that you will be outsourcing your private and confidential financial information in the hands of a third person. So one should be very careful while choosing a financial accounting firm.

There are some reputed financial Accounting firms providing service in and near Washington area.

OSI Business Services, LLC, 

Davis Accounting and Tax service 

Aiken Financial, LLC

The reputation power of an accounting service provider or an accounting firm solely depends on number of years of its existence and the number of job it gets from referrals.


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